2021-2022 ESSER III/School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.

Complete ESSER School Funding Plans

White Oaks Elementary School Region 4

Ryan Richardson, Principal


Background: The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) is a federal grant which requires that spending be used in specific areas. Part of the Fairfax County Public Schools spending plan identifies funding to be used for Unfinished Learning and Student Academic and Social, Emotional, Mental Health (Wellness) Needs. Schools have been given funding allocations to support the academic and wellness needs of students. Schools are required to create plans in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Wellness highlighting the strategies they will use to support these areas using their ESSER III funding. These strategies are shown below.


ESSER III English Language Arts Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students are making sufficient progress to be on grade level in English Language Arts.

Strategy 1

Provide daily, systematic phonological awareness lessons in Tier 1 instruction in K-2 classrooms as presented in the Planning and Pacing Guide..

Strategy 2

Explicit, systematic, more intense phonological awareness instruction for students needing more intense support.

Strategy 3

Provide small group instruction during the Language Arts block that is targeted around comprehension skills in Grades 3-6.


ESSER III Mathematics Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students are making sufficient progress to be on grade level in Mathematics.

Strategy 1

Improve Tier 1 instruction around number sense, mathematical reasoning in K-6 classrooms

Strategy 2

Provide explicit, hands-on math instruction through the Math Workshop model in K-3rd grade classrooms

Strategy 3

Small group focused instruction using Do The Math for students in 3rd-6th grades


ESSER III Wellness Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students feel safe, included, and supported in the school environment.

Strategy 1

Strengthen our Responsive Classroom school wide behavior system (Tier 1)



Strategy 2

Implement School-wide Zones of Regulation Program (Tier 1 intervention)

Strategy 3

Provide each classroom, specialist room and resource room with a Take a Break/Calming Corner KIT (this will be an additional resource to support both RC as well as Zones of Regulation.


Background: All Fairfax County schools are also required to complete an access and opportunity goal as part of their School Innovation and Improvement Plan (SIIP) and can also capture additional goals. These are shown below.


Access & Opportunity End of Year SMARTR Outcome

Goal: By the end of SY 2020-2021, 100% of teachers will use the AAP curriculum materials with their students at least once every month.

Strategy 1

Every Student will have access to Advanced Academic Curriculum.

Strategy 2

Teachers will implement AAP lessons at least once per month in grades K-6.