Art instruction at White Oaks

February update

6th Grade Painting Assessment

The purpose of the Sixth Grade Art Assessments is to allow visual arts teachers to monitor student learning, program effectiveness, and demonstration of Portrait of a Graduate attributes.

All sixth grade students in elementary schools are expected to participate. However, students who miss due to absences, are late to class, or leave early are not required to make up missed components. Assessments are administered in elementary schools only.
The testing window for administering the Sixth Grade Art Assessments is February 1-May 18, 2018.

Lessons the Arts Teach

• The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer.
• The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. One of their large lessons is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.
• The arts teach students that small differences can have large effects.
• The arts teach students to think through and within a material. All art forms employ some means through which images become real.
• The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said. When children are invited to disclose what a work of art helps them feel, they must reach into their poetic capacities to find words that will do the job.

Art Needs!

We sure could use some liquid soap.